Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sunday Currently Volume 2

It's been weeks since my last update and I even said I would try to post weekly (Huh!). To be honest, I was really trying to write for the past weeks. It's just that every time, I had this big wall of blankness. As in, nothing. I just stare at my blog willing myself to just start writing but nothing comes to mind or maybe nothing interesting to tell. But, today, I finally decided to just write my Sunday Currently and without further ado, here it is.



I have read two poetry books for the past week. They are The Princess Saves Herself On This One by Amanda Lovelace and The Universe of Us by Lang Leav.

A little teaser:

offers to 
save you
make it
your mission
save yourself.
- I believe in you
(The Princess Saves Herself On This One)

"The sad thing is," she said, 
"the moment you start to miss someone, 
it means they're already gone."
(The Universe Of Us)

Nothing like poetry gives me the chills. It has a way of giving you emotions. A page with a few words, meant a whole lot. It can pierce you. Break you. Make you back up again. It can open your eyes and it teaches you things. 

And those two did give me a plethora of them and so much more. 

Currently Reading

“I have a feeling that when I'm Stormy's age, these everyday moments will be what I remember: Peter's head bent, biting into a chocolate chip cookie; the sun coming through the cafeteria window, bouncing off his brown hair; him looking at me.” 

So, I finally found the courage to start reading the last book of "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" Series. I have prolonged this moment because I wanted my last glimpse of Lara Jean and Peter's story to stay that way. This is the finale of the finale. And it breaks my heart knowing that.

I have nothing much to say yet since I am just at the beginning of the book. Jenny Han is such a great writer. She can give the most common occurrence in our lives so much color and life. How she can turn these little  moments into something big and wonderful. I love both Lara Jean and Peter and every characters in the book. That's why it would kill me if they wouldn't end up together!! So, please Jenny Han, give me a good ending!


Writing this blog for this week. Will really list those writing challenges so I can start with my weekly post. It would be a great thing for me to focus my mind outside work. Diversion is totally needed.


Given that I have a wonderful two days off, I had extended my usual bed time and I watched Before We Go. So, I was also delaying my time with this movie since I wanted to have the perfect time to watch it. But, like so many things in life, I guess, you can't really tell when will that be so you just got to do it.

I was really going to bed early last night due to my intention of starting that morning run (again, with the weekly whatnots). But, when Chris Evans' face was flashed on the screen I became glued to my sit.

It is a bittersweet story of two people who  met at an inopportune time. On a closing train station. In the middle of the night.
There is this man, grieving from a lost love years ago, waiting and hoping that a chance of getting back together will come. And a woman who's hurting from a broken love, conflicted and shattered by the thought of a possibility of an ending. In a span of hours, they crossed paths and experienced love, knowing it would end at the break of dawn. At the parting time.

An unexpected story of love. I will watch this again!


Listening to several songs on Spotify. Too many to mention actually. But I am currently into What Lovers Do by Maroon 5 & SZA, Too Good In Goodbyes by Sam Smith, There For You by Troye Sivan & Martin Garrix, all Ed Sheeran's songs, Feels by Calvin Harris, Katy Perry etc. and so many more.


It has been a bad habit of mine to not stop thinking. So, I do have, like, a lot on my mind at the moment. I really should start toning it down since it just bothers me and really just stresses the heck out of me and also to sort it so that I will be able to mean what I really want to say.

That aside, I was thinking of starting a business. A online clothing business. Nothing concrete yet just things floating in my head right now. Hope I will really be able to put it into fruition.


Cannot move on with our dinner today. I was cooking and the smell is so mouth-watering. It is nothing fancy really but it was one of my favorites. My tummy incessantly rumbled while I cook. Missed eating GG! If you're a Filipino, you would know what that is. Tummy was satisfied!


I wish to start to live my life more.

Have the courage to just do it and leave out all the rest.

And I wish I could just stop worrying sometimes and to stop doubting myself so much.


I am wearing house clothes. A mismatch pair of whatevers. Haha


I was feeling... overwhelmed. Coz' tomorrow's the day of the week. Again.


Several tabs right now.


How I started to have a progress with this! Will really challenge myself to start writing weekly.


A ME time. Just so I can finally feel like I am living my life. Got to finally start ticking one of my bucket list off.

That is all for my Sunday Currently Volume 2!! This is a weekly post from Siddathornton's blog. Click the link to see more. And...

A parting thought to myself:

“Never say no when you really want to say yes.”
- Always and Forever, Lara Jean

Saturday, September 16, 2017

What I have been up to lately

I know that it has been quite a while since the last time I posted. My hands are tightly tied these past few months with non-stop work all throughout the day, all throughout the week ad infinitum. Basically, my week just consist of that and I felt quite suffocated, to be honest. Too much of everything is toxic, really (note to self).

That being said, I would like to take a breather and break the monotony that is: my life, which why I decided to re-live my blog again (Yehey!). Again. (Yes, for so many times, already). Also, this will serve as my accountability post for the weekly writing that I am planning to do (Hah!)

But first let me give you an update so far as to what I have been up to lately.

Last August 25, we had our team building x values with the theme: Ramp It Up! LIT AF. It was a 2 days one night event which is one of the highlights of the year for the company and one of the most awaited as well.

The event was held at Canyon Cove Hotel And Spa in Batangas. The day started so well even though I only slept a wink, about two hours or so. The journey had been swift and smooth, if you consider my judgment while I slept open-mouthed, trying to keep my eyes open but my lids just won't.

I wasn't able to take much photos since I was so engrossed by the place. It's been so long since I've been in a beach or see such a scenery.

The day went by so quickly. After our morning calisthenics to loosen us up and to give us energy, we went straight to what they call "values" where issues, concerns and the core values of the company was discussed openly. We our grouped together to discuss concerns about work so that we can come up with solutions. It was such a great activity for us since for a newbie it is good to see the sides of each department.

After our open forum, we went to fill our stomach. The weather that day is a bit gloomy. It rained for most of the day. Good thing, though, is that we did most of our activity indoors. After our team building session at the hall, which happens so fast, we were by ourselves for the rest of evening (that is before dinner and the last event of the day). All we did was enjoy our room and the view. Ha! I would have add the pictures of our room but it wasn't in the computer so maybe some other time.

I wasn't able to get a good shot of our socials night so there's nothing for that, sorry. But it was one of the highly anticipated events of our team building 'cause this is where we really loosen ourselves up. Okay, so the stiff me, had quite loosen herself up. So yea. Hard to say I dance my heart out there cause maybe I'm the only one thinking that but I do know that all those few drinks I intake and was given to me was shot straight out of my system: few minutes after we're about to hit the sack. Right, talk about alcohol tolerance which I only have, like, a little. It's only a few different kinds of drinks. Whuttt. Gotta be tougher next time.

With all that stress and fun, we were on ourselves the next day which we solemnly consumed at the comfort of our beds. We woke up at around nine in the morning. We planned to go swimming at the beach to see the sunrise or to catch the morning waves, but, unfortunately, no sunrise and morning waves, just us having brunch and scrunching our remaining hours swimming at the sea (for like 20 minutes). This is when everyone's already preparing and packing their things up to go home.

Forgive the awkward pose, that pic doesn't quite happen often.

All in all, it was such a wonderful experience with a great bunch of people. Next time I will enjoy it to the fullest (and not sleep all morning -meh-)

So, this is it for my lately's.

Love, Nix

Monday, April 10, 2017

My Bucket List

This compilation is a combination of simple, silly and grand things that I want to have, learn and experience while some are fears I want to overcome. It is quite a bit random, forgive me for that. They are short-term and long-term goals that I wish to accomplished and acquired. Hopefully, I can complete every each of them. One at a time.
  1. Buy a roller skate and learn how to use one
  2. Ice Skating
  3. Mountain Climbing
  4. Bowling
  5. Buy an MP4/MP5
  6. Tour Philippines
  7. Visit Japan
  8. Camping
  9. Write a love letter to my parents
  10. Have my own place (I wish~)
  11. And a car of my own
  12. Cosplay
  13. Sing in front of many people
  14. Check-in at a hotel with my own money (Just for nothing)
  15. Have a full body massage at a spa
  16. Participate or have a photo shoot
  17. Ride a horse
  18. Learn how to ride a skateboard for at least 10 seconds
  19. Play shooting games with family/friends (Like on Counter Strike xD)
  20. Try surfing
  21. Write a poem
  22. Surprise someone with something out of the blue
  23. Dance in a studio even though I'm not a dancer
  24. Play a full song in my keyboard
  25. Buy my favorite books and books and books
  26. Have my own bookshelf/ves for my books
  27. Take that profile picture
  28. Record a song
  29. Make that song lyric video
  30. Buy my own piano
  31. Write a story and publish it (EPub or PDF format)
  32. Complete a 21-day challenge
  33. Have my own business
  34. Do freelancing
  35. Buy a bike
  36. Run a marathon and finished one
  37. Swim a full lap for 30 seconds
  38. Learn a new language
  39. Public speak
  40. Play long tennis
  41. Try archery
  42. And fishing
  43. Grow a flower
  44. Have a vegetable garden
  45. Paint something and frame it
  46. See a waterfall
  47. Shoot a short film
  48. Donate blood
  49. Have my own sewing machine
  50. Watch a sunset
  51. Sunrise
  52. See an Aurora Borealis
  53. Have my own laptop
  54. Have my own camera & polaroid

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Saturday Feels

Of all the days, I feel so sluggish and out of it today. Of all days, really. It has been such a long time since I was able to be home from work so early that I can still feel the heat still hitting my flesh and see my favorite shade of blue paste up in the sky so beautifully. For so long, the night welcomed me. It has been my company going home with music in my ears, hoping to soothe my mind.

The past six months have been a blur. I was only going through day by day, most of the time, wishing the day to finally end and the weekend to finally come. It has been my sentiments every week. I know I shouldn't feel this way. I know I shouldn't think this way. It's not going to help me at all. It's not going to make my life or work easy. 

I feel so frustrated. I felt like I have been passed back and forth like a tennis ball and I know that if I keep going on like this, I will stretch myself thin that I would break. And today, I feel like I am on the verge of breaking.

The thing is I have been working for six months and I felt like I'm getting nowhere. I'm not even moving forward. I am stuck. I can't help but to hate the fact that everything I'd done for the past six months meant nothing. Not to everyone I care about and to the people I served. Not even to myself. 

All I want now is to take a rest and hope that when I wake up I finally had a solution or more like to have the courage to finally do what I am supposed to do. Knock my head, please. I need a really hard one.

Monday, September 12, 2016

The Sunday Currently Volume 1

Hi there! I'm unofficially back again into writing. Unofficially - being the operative word there given that I am still not sure what to do with my blog. Too much on my mind right now. Too much inaction, I might add. So, for now, I would want to give it another go and just see where it will lead me. Anyway, here's my Sunday Currently Volume 1.

I am currently reading two books: 1 e-book and 1 paperback book. The reason behind the overlapping of books there is that I just can't stop myself from reading anywhere. I don't have an actual book with me all the time so for an uncontrollable bookworm itch that I couldn't scratch away, I have a lot of e-books with me. The first one is Wasted Words by Staci Heart and the latter is a book of Bram Stoker - Dracula. I should probably write about my current thoughts about these books on a separate post 'cause if not this will be longer than necessary. Yea, I really should. By the way, I just visit the site of Goodreads (I'm always using the app version) and I absolutely love its new layout!! Also, I want to share that I already completed my 20 Books in 2016 Reading Challenge, so I added another 5. Okay, I'll stop being annoying already...

Nothing interesting really. This is my first time in such a long time when it comes to writing. If you can consider writing random notes, goals and motivational words in the back pages of a notebook, then maybe I can write it down here. Probably elaborate those goals next time. When clarity finally meets me. And a with firm resolution to boot. Yes, I probably will.

To the current soundtrack on our house. It has been on a daily basis, those beautiful songs playing on continuously. The music of Christopher Cross, Bread, Kenny Rogers, Bee Gees and Air Supply. Also, the songs of Shania Twain and Michael Buble. And should I forget the latest songs on Youtube Mix, that is a lot to enumerate right now and the children songs on loop. I'll be able to sing their lyrics on the coming days. Not that I'm complaining. I love them!!

Can we please not go here? In thinking? Seriously.. I'll be on it forever. This is actually why I started writing this post. 'Cause I want to release some off of my brain. It is currently congested really. So, I'll be unloading them one day at a time. The motto that I try to currently live by. One day at a time.

Honestly, I can't smell anything right now because of my congested nasal passageways. I just love the word right. Maybe, I should start "one word a day", as well. To kick-start my love of word and writing.

I have many on my bucket right now, but if it's only one wish then I am wishing for a fruitful year. I know.. too general... It's already Ber-months and my birth month too. I will be 21 in less than two weeks so I hope for things to go great if not superbly amazing. 

My usual attire: comfy shirt and a leggings. It's currently 2 in the morning and yes, I am still sort of wide awake and writing.

The new addition to our family! It is his first month in this world and I just love this little but overly cute boy! Always want to carry him and couldn't stop staring. Loving to have my own someday. Someday!

A sleep! I will finish this as soon as I can so I could get a sleep. I know.. waking up early is not my thing. 

I felt light! Would really love to continue this. Unloading is almost done!

Inspirational blogs and various sites. But, I would like to mention Siddathornton's blog. Join her link-up here (SUNDAY CURRENTLY).  By the way, I'd first seen the link-up through Maine Mendoza's blog. I was perusing her blog, reading how good of a writer she is. Lovely blog and blogger!

"Happiness is an inside job. Don't assign anyone else that much power over your life." - Mandy Hale

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Your words are nothing but fraud
Befallen, I am deep in this bout
Wasted and dreamed, or so I thought
Behold, now I’m stuck in the mud

Thursday, June 2, 2016


You said hello,
I just shrugged my shoulder
You called my name,
I just offered my mane
You told me you missed me,
I just cast a mere gaze
You bid your goodbye
While I keep everything at bay

The blissful and sad
The normal and mad
Wanting and loathing
Dreaming and ceasing

Everything is a mess
We are like a tangled mesh
All I wanted was you
And yet it wasn’t true

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Girl Behind The Book

Like an unadorned blank book,
My life is filled with unknowns
My story is yet to be written
So stay awhile and take a look.

Papers scattered on the floor
Heaps of tales to uncover
I wish I am that damsel
That is rescued from the fall

Like the sobbing little girl
 In the tainted snowy white dress,
I am only a petty kid
That is also in distress

A memoir of their enthusing lives
Filled with acts of unforeseen twists
It might be utterly vexing
But I want a happy ending

Picturesque ladies among others
Striking gentlemen along the way
It’s not reality
And so I must wake

Sunday, January 12, 2014

My Love For Guys Who Fall On The Unrequited Love Path

When I look back to those fictional characters that I love, I can see that most of them has the same thing...

They're experiencing one-sided love.

It is painful having to look at the person you love only from afar and so much more, when they are happy with someone else. I haven't been in a lot of relationships to know but having read and watched them, I know it's far from pleasant.  

With the main male lead getting the love of his life, there is a happy ending for him. But what about the other one? I have a list of the guys who are on the unrequited love path, and they are way more realistic characters, for me. Like, I would be able to  meet someone like them in the real world. A guy who loves someone but doesn't love him back. A guy with flaws. A guy who are ready to let go. The one who will forgo their own happiness for others. My heart aches for them. I know it's not easy. 

Here's the list of the guys to whom I love dearly and hoping that if they ever exist in this world that they will find the right one for them. 

** clockwise **

Park, Joon Ha of The Nice Guy (K-Drama) 
What I love about Park, Joon Ha is that he is always there for Seo, Eun Gi. The sad part is that she loves another guy whose name is Kang, Ma Ru (to whom I also love, by the way). What makes me admire him is that  just to be near her, he even told her that he is gay, which for me indicates how much he cares for her. What can we do for love, really.

Dylan of How To Save A Life by Sara Zarr
Dylan is the best friend of Jill. They have been together for years. They are like an almost thing but he came and they didn't happen. I love their relationship. That comfort. That support you will have when you need it. I really really really hate it that she chose the other guy over him....

Ethan  of Lie To Me (KDrama) 
The story goes like this: he likes a girl but she is with his older brother.
One of my favorite Korean actress Yoon, Eun Hye portrays the main character of the story along with Ethan's older brother. I know I haven't completed this series but it just hurts me knowing that this guy would have his heart broken at the end. Just to clarify, I do love the pairing of the main characters, they are so cute and so lovely together. But, I really have this magnetic pull from guys who aren't loved back. I do love you Ethan...

Daiki Korenaga of Strobe Edge
Initially, he loves his best friend, Ninako. He confessed his love to her and wasn't reciprocated. That is the start of my another quest of finding out whether he will be happy at the end of the story. The good thing is that he did.
After being rejected by Ninako, he got a confession from Ninako's friend, Sayuri and from then on, they write their wonderful story together.

Gale Hawthorne of The Hunger Games Series
Ever since the first series where Katniss volunteered to be the in the Hunger Games, where she and Gale bid their goodbyes, I started loving him. It is the same feeling: looking at Peeta and Katniss while Gale on the sidelines, waiting and waiting and... hurting. That is why I have been into fanfiction since there are a lot of stories with the supporting characters as the main lead. That just alleviate the ache I've felt from the original series. But, I do love all three them. It just that, I hate to see people hurting. Don't they deserve to be happy? Don't anyone? 😔

Hinata Shintani of KWMS! 
Need I say more? I hate to see this guy lonely. Don't get me wrong. I absolutely and irreparably love Usui Takumi and Misaki Ayuzawa, so much it hurts. But! There is always a but... I hate seeing them not finding their other half or the love of their life, whatever you call them. Fortunately for me, the author did seem to understand my pain and hinted on a possible romance between him and Misaki's little sister. If I remember it right, it's Misaki's little sister who has a secret crush on him. ♡

Damon Salvatore of The Vampire Diaries
Damon Salvatore is initially a villain of the series. He's a bad guy to be feared. He is callous and downright rude. But, when you get to his story, how he let his brother have the woman he loves and to watch them happy right in front of him, you'll understand (even partly) why he's behaving that way. Just a fact, I started loving Ian Somerhalder way back when I'd watched a fan video of The Host by Stephenie Meyer, and Ian, being Ian O'shea. So, since then, I have been crushing on him. ♡♡

Ethan of Something Borrowed
This is completely coincidental. I haven't had a fetish for Ethans. I just love Ethan in Something Borrowed, both in novel and the movie. Same story for this: A best friend who falls on the unrequited love path with her best friend. 💔

Andou, Takumi of Strobe Edge
I have love two characters in Strobe Edge. Andou, Takumi is the new boy who gets in the way of the main characters. He likes Ninako, which he didn't deny himself of proclaiming. While trying to pursue his love in a cool manner, he has always been there for her, though implicitly. That quiet sincere love is just romantic for me. I love the guy even though he can be a headache most of the time. 

Ryoutarou & Kazuki of La Corda d' Oro
I have come to love instrumentals more since I watched La Corda D' Oro. I also wanted to learn how to play violin.
So, for this one, I loved Ryoutarou and Kazuki. Ryoutarou is a pianist. He is the usual guy. Tall and dark and manly. I love him since he is a pianist but not only because of that. He is the one who quietly cares for Kahoko. Kazuki, on the other hand, is a lively, easy-going guy. He plays trumpet and is the life of the group. He's the one who doesn't seem to know that he has feelings for the main character or doesn't acknowledge it as it is. I love him because he was a lovely character.