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My Love For Guys Who Fall On The Unrequited Love Path

When I look back to those fictional characters that I love, I can see that most of them has the same thing...

They're experiencing one-sided love.

It is painful having to look at the person you love only from afar and so much more, when they are happy with someone else. I haven't been in a lot of relationships to know but having read and watched them, I know it's far from pleasant.  

With the main male lead getting the love of his life, there is a happy ending for him. But what about the other one? I have a list of the guys who are on the unrequited love path, and they are way more realistic characters, for me. Like, I would be able to  meet someone like them in the real world. A guy who loves someone but doesn't love him back. A guy with flaws. A guy who are ready to let go. The one who will forgo their own happiness for others. My heart aches for them. I know it's not easy. 

Here's the list of the guys to whom I love dearly and hoping that if they ever exist in this world that they will find the right one for them. 

** clockwise **

Park, Joon Ha of The Nice Guy (K-Drama) 
What I love about Park, Joon Ha is that he is always there for Seo, Eun Gi. The sad part is that she loves another guy whose name is Kang, Ma Ru (to whom I also love, by the way). What makes me admire him is that  just to be near her, he even told her that he is gay, which for me indicates how much he cares for her. What can we do for love, really.

Dylan of How To Save A Life by Sara Zarr
Dylan is the best friend of Jill. They have been together for years. They are like an almost thing but he came and they didn't happen. I love their relationship. That comfort. That support you will have when you need it. I really really really hate it that she chose the other guy over him....

Ethan  of Lie To Me (KDrama) 
The story goes like this: he likes a girl but she is with his older brother.
One of my favorite Korean actress Yoon, Eun Hye portrays the main character of the story along with Ethan's older brother. I know I haven't completed this series but it just hurts me knowing that this guy would have his heart broken at the end. Just to clarify, I do love the pairing of the main characters, they are so cute and so lovely together. But, I really have this magnetic pull from guys who aren't loved back. I do love you Ethan...

Daiki Korenaga of Strobe Edge
Initially, he loves his best friend, Ninako. He confessed his love to her and wasn't reciprocated. That is the start of my another quest of finding out whether he will be happy at the end of the story. The good thing is that he did.
After being rejected by Ninako, he got a confession from Ninako's friend, Sayuri and from then on, they write their wonderful story together.

Gale Hawthorne of The Hunger Games Series
Ever since the first series where Katniss volunteered to be the in the Hunger Games, where she and Gale bid their goodbyes, I started loving him. It is the same feeling: looking at Peeta and Katniss while Gale on the sidelines, waiting and waiting and... hurting. That is why I have been into fanfiction since there are a lot of stories with the supporting characters as the main lead. That just alleviate the ache I've felt from the original series. But, I do love all three them. It just that, I hate to see people hurting. Don't they deserve to be happy? Don't anyone? 😔

Hinata Shintani of KWMS! 
Need I say more? I hate to see this guy lonely. Don't get me wrong. I absolutely and irreparably love Usui Takumi and Misaki Ayuzawa, so much it hurts. But! There is always a but... I hate seeing them not finding their other half or the love of their life, whatever you call them. Fortunately for me, the author did seem to understand my pain and hinted on a possible romance between him and Misaki's little sister. If I remember it right, it's Misaki's little sister who has a secret crush on him. ♡

Damon Salvatore of The Vampire Diaries
Damon Salvatore is initially a villain of the series. He's a bad guy to be feared. He is callous and downright rude. But, when you get to his story, how he let his brother have the woman he loves and to watch them happy right in front of him, you'll understand (even partly) why he's behaving that way. Just a fact, I started loving Ian Somerhalder way back when I'd watched a fan video of The Host by Stephenie Meyer, and Ian, being Ian O'shea. So, since then, I have been crushing on him. ♡♡

Ethan of Something Borrowed
This is completely coincidental. I haven't had a fetish for Ethans. I just love Ethan in Something Borrowed, both in novel and the movie. Same story for this: A best friend who falls on the unrequited love path with her best friend. 💔

Andou, Takumi of Strobe Edge
I have love two characters in Strobe Edge. Andou, Takumi is the new boy who gets in the way of the main characters. He likes Ninako, which he didn't deny himself of proclaiming. While trying to pursue his love in a cool manner, he has always been there for her, though implicitly. That quiet sincere love is just romantic for me. I love the guy even though he can be a headache most of the time. 

Ryoutarou & Kazuki of La Corda d' Oro
I have come to love instrumentals more since I watched La Corda D' Oro. I also wanted to learn how to play violin.
So, for this one, I loved Ryoutarou and Kazuki. Ryoutarou is a pianist. He is the usual guy. Tall and dark and manly. I love him since he is a pianist but not only because of that. He is the one who quietly cares for Kahoko. Kazuki, on the other hand, is a lively, easy-going guy. He plays trumpet and is the life of the group. He's the one who doesn't seem to know that he has feelings for the main character or doesn't acknowledge it as it is. I love him because he was a lovely character.

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